The Physics of Nanoelectronics

This is a web page which I use to inform about my book

The Physics of Nanoelectronics – Transport and Fluctuation Phenomena at Low Temperatures (Oxford University Press)

You can find some more information about the book using these links:

Page for the hardcover version of the book and for the paperback version. You can also now order it at Amazon.

If (and when) I find any errors in the book, I will send an erratum on this site. I also maintain a small course blog to help lecturers and possibly students of nanoelectronics courses to use my book. Note that the blog receives so much spam, that it is probably better first to send the honest comments/questions to my email. I will then post them to the blog, and if more comments follow, use the direct commenting.

You can get the recent updates on the book by following the link “News” on the black background.

If the need arises, I also plan to publish some of the matlab scripts I have used to compute the curves in my book.

Tero Heikkilä