Blogging about the course

I will lecture a course based on the book during Fall 2014. The first lecture is in fact today. The public course page is here.

My idea is to give lectures on the main topics of each chapter, and in addition give special projects to the students on various aspects of nanoelectronic systems. The list of projects is here, and the relation to the book chapters/sections explained with each project:

Possible projects

i) Spintronic devices: spin valve (CPP and CIP), racetrack memory, spin torque RAM (pair project) – Sec. 2.7 + references
ii) Spin torque theory – Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation – references
iii) Thermoelectric devices and measuring techniques – Sec. 2.8 + references
iv) Thermoelectric properties of quantum dot systems – Sec. 2.8, Ch. 8 + references
v) Quantum Hall effect, Landau levels and electron optics (pair project) – references
vi) Green’s function modeling of nanodevices – Complement 3.1 + references
vii) Cross correlations and Bell’s inequalities measured in small conductors – Sec. 6.5 + references
viii) Primary thermometry with shot noise and Coulomb blockade – Sec. 6.2, 7.6.1 + references
ix) Coulomb blockade used for charge detection, rf-SET – Ch. 7, references
x) Charge pumping and SI standard for current – Sec. 7.6.2 + references
xi) Spin qubits – Sec. 8.5.4 + references
xii) Kondo effect (in quantum dots) – Sec. 8.4 + references
xiii) Superconducting qubits (pair project or alone one realization) – Sec. 9.4.3 + references
xiv) Circuit quantum electrodynamics (quantization of electronic circuits) – references
xv) Graphene pn junctions: Klein tunneling and other physics – Sec. 10.3
xvi) Multilayer graphene structures – Sec. 10.2
xviia) Rashba and Dresselhaus spin-orbit interaction (part of the pair project) – references
xviib) Topological insulators, quantum spin Hall effect  (part of the pair project) – references
xviii) Nanoelectromechanical force detection – beginning of Ch. 11 + references
xix) Optomechanics – Sec. 11.3 + references
xx) Qubits and mechanical resonators – Sec. 11.4 + references
xxi) Weak localization and weak antilocalization; normal conductors and graphene – Sec. 4.2
xxii) Suggest your own project