Today I discussed the formal prerequisites of the course, described in Appendix A of the book. Unfortunately I spent so much time in second quantization that I did not manage to explain Fermi Golden Rule, or magnetic field, and the time spent for chemical potential/Fermi energy was a bit short.

On preparing for the lecture I noticed that in the magnetic field section I should have explained a bit more how the Lagrangian connects with the Lorenz force, as the connection is not entirely trivial. Also, I noticed that the step between eqns (A.52) and (A.53) is a bit non-trivial.

I made a few clicker questions on the topics: For example, the task was to calculate the commutator between bosonic and fermionic number operators. In both cases it vanishes… This seems indeed to be a bit non-trivial point for the students.

Besides, I made a few videos explaining the second quantization. If there are requests for this, I can publish both the videos and my clicker questions on this website.